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This journal: Is a partially locked journal consisting of my personal life and my fanart. Only the private stuff are locked; the graphics and left open but feel free to friend me anytime.

My loves: Btvs is ♥ The Office is ♥ Firefly is ♥ Spuffy is ♥ Jam is ♥ Nathan Fillion is ♥ Michelle Yeoh is ♥ Ewan McGregor is ♥ Ian McKellen is ♥ Joss Whedon is ♥ Vegans are ♥ Feminism is ♥ Photography is ♥ Fanart is ♥ Jdoramas are ♥ Art is ♥ Music is ♥ The beach is ♥ Sunshine is ♥ Reading is ♥ Fanfic is ♥ Nature is ♥ Peace is ♥ Humor is ♥ Love is ♥


Loves Indian, Thai, Korean, Italian, Chinese and Japanese food.
...but, unfortunately, doesn't get to eat most of her favorite foods because she is vegetarian. *sad smiley face*

Has South Park humor (but only in the worst possible way).

Fancies herself a "free thinker".

Rambles. A lot.

Rants. A lot.

Has no original thought whatsoever.

Does not care for turtles (Turtles get the brunt of everything, don't they? But, come on, the slowness...).

Is very outgoing and loves to travel.

Despises poultry. *glares at evil poultry*

Loves the water but hates swimming pools.

Loves life.

Is kind of a hippie.

Has an unnatural love of shoes.

...yeah, has she mentioned she was shallow? No? Yeah, pretty shallow.


Eats cheese popcorn.

My art:
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